Fox grip 2 damper nz

Ever wanted a custom tune for your fork and shock, but have been too intimidated to open up that damper? Dampers whether in a fork or shock control oscillations by using oil to convert motion of the wheel to heat inside the shock and dissipate the heat into the atmosphere. A valve is another way to refer to the shim and piston working together in the piston assembly, because it controls oil flow.

If you allow oil to flow easily, the damper shaft within the fork or shock moves quickly. If you restrict oil flow, the damper shaft within the fork or shock moves slowly. Another example of controlling liquid flow is the lever or valve on your kitchen sink faucet controlling water flow on, off, fast, slow, etc. High speed vs. High speed and low speed refers to how fast the shaft of the damper inside your fork or shock is moving.

Over damped: too much damping. Loss of traction and control can also occur. Under damped: too little damping. Can also result in loss of traction and control. The negative impact of being under damped can feel very similar to being over damped.

Primary methods to control low- and high-speed damping. Low-speed compression and rebound is usually controlled by using an orifice valve. This controls small amounts of oil that is allowed to flow freely around the shim stack. Jordi discusses more about how a low-speed orifice valve works at High-speed compression and rebound is usually controlled by using preload.

This controls oil flow through shims that block ports on the piston by changing the force required to initiate the use of this valve.

fox grip 2 damper nz

Jordi discusses more about how preload works at The main issue with high-speed compression and rebound being controlled using preload are twofold:. How does this feel when you ride? But in the same setting, you still blow through all your travel when you land a jump or encounter a big, square edged obstacle. These two issues can be present at the exact same setting and the three graphs below will show how. Notice that as you add preload, the entire graph moves.

At every speed, damping force increases, but the slope of the graph does not change. Harshness is found at the beginning of the graph where the force it takes to initiate opening the valve flexing the shims is always increasing. In order to have support and the right amount of damping less and more at the various shaft speeds you and your bike encounter, you need to actually change the slope of the graph, not just move it up and down.

Typically, we change the amount of shims on the piston to change the slope of the graph. This is the key here: adjusting leverage instead of preload. Leverage changes the slope of the curve. Preload makes the whole curve move up and down.

fox grip 2 damper nz

It starts atif you want to jump directly to that:. Notice the shaded areas above and below the VVC line.

Fox 36 Damper Tech: GRIP2 Damper Upgrade Kit

When you use preload to adjust high speed compression and rebound, you run the risk of being perpetually over and under damped. In fact, the one point of intersection between the lines is the one point where we would say the preload high speed adjuster has an optimal level of damping.Please note: All upgrades on brand new suspension will get a discount as they will not need everything a Performance Service offers!

Please get in contact before sending suspension in for all upgrades as we might have to order in! Presenting the Smashpot - a fork coil spring conversion system for singlecrown enduro forks, featuring externally adjustable hydraulic anti-bottoming technology to deliver precisely the amount of bottoming resistance you need.

Our engineering is straightforward and no-BS, so we think our marketing should be too: if your first priority for your fork is outright performance, get yourself a Smashpot. Full factory info here.

fox grip 2 damper nz

Introducing the Luftkappe air piston kit for Fox Float forks. Pinkbike: "The Luftkappe's change to the feel of the Lyrik was immediately noticeable on the trail. Traction was increased across chatter and the fork remained higher in its travel and more stable, improving the dynamic ride height without sacrificing the top end.

My confidence soared when hitting sections with a lot of chatter and mid to large-sized hits, and the result meant more comfort and speed through such sections. User installable and simple to set up, the Luftkappe transforms a good fork into a great fork. I have 3 rides on it now and have the settings almost all dialed. Thanks for the awesome service. Buy Now. We have developed a unique compression block that optimises a single dial for multi-functional adjustability. The adjustment range is designed to be wide for added accuracy.

This allows each rider to achieve the perfect set up for individual requirements and preference. The upper cap is where you find the low speed rebound adjustment with 24 position settings. The high-speed rebound control is provided by a stack of pre-set internal valves. The fitting of the cartridge is undertaken exclusively by us and our partner service centres to guarantee optimal performance from the installation.

This upgrade is great for customers with a low spec Boxxer RC that is broken or wanting that extra performance! Please note: All upgrades on brand new suspension will get a discount as they will not need everything a Performance Full Service offers! Custom Tuning depending on what the customer is wanting. Changing volume spacers in the shock is an internal adjustment that allows you to change the amount of mid stroke and bottom out resistance.

Rev Grips. Shock Absorbing Grip System. Fork Tuning. Shock Tuning. Vorsprung Tractive Tuning. Workshop Tools.Do you have a or newer Fox 36 or a Marzocchi Bomber Z1 and want better performance and more adjustability? Let's take a look at how this works:.

Also, without an expanding bladder it requires less maintenance. This damper really shines on long, rough downhills. Now lets take a look at some of the previous dampers for the Fox FIT RC2. You could adjust it's low-speed rebound, low speed compression and high speed compression. The RC2 had a reputation for riding pretty harsh and stiff. It was slightly over-damped and really required the rider to push things to the limit to really make the most out of their fork.

The Fox FIT4 is a damper that keeps things simple, and really shines on long trail rides. It's construction is pretty much the same as the RC2 damper with an expanding bladder, but the adjustments are more simple. The FIT4 has low speed rebound on the bottom and a 3-position switch on top to firm things up with an adjustable open mode.

NEW 2021 Fox Transfer Seat Post, VVC Explained, 34 Grip 2 Fork and DPX2 Shock

If the damper is too squishy while pedaling, you can lock it out for a more stiff and supportive ride. In model-yearthe FIT4 damper was reinvigorated with a slightly more free-flowing design to reduce stiction even more and offer a softer and more plush ride feeling.

The adjustments stayed the same, however the new FIT4 definitely rides a bit more like how a Fox 36 should feel. They're both semi-sealed and use that slippery PTFE oil. The GRIP damper does lack tons of adjustments and is the most simple of the lineup with only low-speed compression and low-speed rebound, but that's what makes this damper so attractive to some riders.

It feels excellent and is super easy to setup, making it the perfect contender for the "set it and forget it" crowd. Marzocchi is owned by Fox, so some of their parts are interchangeable; one of which is the damper. GRIP2 dampers can be used from mmmm of travel. Installation is super easy since this is just a drop-in cartridge.

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The GRIP2 damper will use a 28mm topcap socket for install. Close search. Watch this video or read blog post below:. Sold out. Bellingham, WA. About me: I grew up hucking my bike off curbs in the suburbs of Chicago.

I freaking love riding long rough descents and really pushing my body to the limit. I'll straight up ride any type of bike but really prefer long travel However, mid-travel 29r's are growing on me Back to The Lost Co Blog. Mike Randol.FREE U. By: FOX. Notify me when this product is available:. The new damper shares its roots with the original GRIP architecture, but has been seriously enhanced with all-new technology: 4-way adjustability, VVC high-speed rebound circuit, high-performance mid-valve, and overall friction-reducing treatments.

The revolutionary design of the GRIP2 damper provides independently adjustable high- and low-speed compression and high- and low-speed rebound. In addition to offering incredible damper control, the adjustments also have a wider compression damping range to increase support without adding harshness. Unlike normal adjusters that add valve preload, VVC uses a leaf spring to alter valve flex in the high-speed rebound circuit.

The adjuster provides the same effect as revalving high-speed rebound but without the need for damper disassembly. A sophisticated mid-valve design allows more effective shaping of the compression damping curve, offering confidence-inspiring support that resists brake dive. Tested and proven on the demanding World Cup Downhill circuit, GRIP2 has been relentlessly tuned to deliver just the right amount of support without harshness, giving it another level of refinement over previous generation dampers.

During the development of GRIP2, engineering uncovered improvements that greatly reduce friction. Low friction seals help improve small bump compliance and honed, polished, and coated shaft and tube surfaces further eliminate friction for an unmatched ride experience. Everything in the entire store ships for free to the USA, it's that simple, no catch. The free service will likely be FedEx depending on the size of the package.

Shipping cost can be calculated on the cart page or during checkout. We are experts at international shipping so please buy with confidence. Please see our International Shipping Options page for more info. If you would like to pick up your online order in store simply select the Store Pickup option during checkout this is free of course. Please see our In-store Pickup Options page for more info. We offer a 45 day return period on all new items.

We want our customers to be happy and returns to be easy. Home Menu Search. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. Shop Watch Read. Customers Also Bought MID-VALVE A sophisticated mid-valve design allows more effective shaping of the compression damping curve, offering confidence-inspiring support that resists brake dive.

Product SKU:.Our Nordic tour was excellent and highlighted the natural wonders that I wanted to see, but I did not want to do all the driving. The tour and our guide gave us a sense of place and a knowledge that further enhanced our extended journey that included a self drive week in western Iceland and a further 8 days in Reykjavik. Appreciated the smaller tour group of 16 people rather than a large bus tour.

I love Iceland and I hope I can return sometime. Thank you Nordic Visitor and Iceland and Icelanders. Joy, United States Stockholm and a Slice of the Countryside, June 2016 Your tour took all the hassle of planning out of our holiday. It was just wonderful to enjoy the beautiful countryside and know that a hotel was waiting for us when we arrived. I mentioned our upcoming trip to some of our tablemates while we were on our cruise and several asked for the name of your travel company.

They thought it sounded great and it was. Magdalena, United States Nordic Odyssey, June 2016 The customer service was excellent. It was a fantastic holiday!. Carolina Garcia-Paris, United States Iceland Full Circle, June 2016 We were very pleased with the overall experience traveling through Iceland with Nordic Visitor. Janet and Chris, Canada Iceland Complete, June 2016 This was a trip we dreamed about for quite a while. Mike, United States Adventures Around Iceland, June 2016 Nordic Visitor did a great job for us.

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fox grip 2 damper nz

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I could not have asked for a better experience at any stage of planning or the trip itself. Sofia was very, very helpful. This is our second tour with Nordic Visitor. Last year we went to Greenland was impressed with Nordic Visitor and booked another vacation. The location of hotels and quality of hotels was excellent.

All hotels were close to train stations and also close to tourist activities. As this was our first time to Sweden, Denmark and Norway I did have questions and Sofia was very quick to answer them.

This is our type of vacation as we prefer self guided over group tours.

Fox Shox Float 36 GRIP2 Damper Upgrade, 2019

I would recommend your company and in fact have already done so. Again, a big thank you to Sofia. We had no issues during our stay. The hotels were well located in relation to the train stations, and were of a high standard.

The voucher system worked well and presented no difficulties. Pity about the rain in Bergen, but the locals told us, that it always rains in Bergen. Already recommended the trip to friends.

2021 Fox 34 GRIP2 Damper Upgrade Kit

Thanks for all your assistance prior to the visit. I cannot say enough good things about our tour with Nordic Visitor. Every interaction, from first contact to the tour itself, was a pleasure. Sigfus was wonderful, addressing all our questions and issues in an efficient manner. The tour itself was amazing. We loved the quiet and natural beauty of the West Fjords and we enjoyed the flexibility of the self-drive tour to tailor our activities to suit our interests (and the weather).

We would most certainly consider another self-drive tour with Nordic Visitor. This was our first trip with Nordic Visitor and we expect that it won't be our last.

The accommodations were clean and comfortable. The food was delicious at each of the guest houses. And most importantly the people of Iceland were kind and hospitable. We felt very welcome and safe. We were very impressed with the service. Lots of information, and very well organised. The accomodation was excellent quality and the pick up from the airport and from our accomodation to car rental was exactly on time as described and very efficient.

We had a fantastic holiday and hope to visit again I would strongly recommend your services to my friends. You made a dream holiday come true.

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Thank you for listening to our requirements and tailoring the holiday for us.

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